Product Feature Classes

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Designed to teach you how to use the amazing features on your instrument. Each class focuses on a specific series of instruments.
EZ Series EZ1, EZ2, EZ3, EZ4, EZ10 (Estey owners are encouraged to attend)
Estey Series Discovery 3, Freedom 3 (EZ Series owners are encouraged to attend)
Elite EX Series Aria, Grand Marquee, Marquee (Rialto and Inspire owners are encouraged to attend)
A Series Liberty, Symphony, Patriot, Sterling, Imperial, Prestige, Legend Supreme, Floridian (SU owners owners are encouraged to attend)
SU Series Palladium, Stardust, Grand Royale, Royale, Performer, Sensation, Rhapsody (A Series owners are encouraged to attend)
EY Series Rialto, Inspire, Journey, Fanfare
SE & A Series Intermediate Models Holiday Classic, Encore, Legacy, Premier, Odyssey
Fletcher Music Centers has a long and rich history of teaching people to play music. Founded in 1905 as a piano tuning company, it quickly discovered that music was something everyone wanted in their homes as evidenced by the era’s boom in sales of player pianos.
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