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What is Recreational Music Making?

Recreational music making is about the experience of making music as a hobby. It is a fun and enjoyable way to quickly and easily learn to play your favorite songs without the rigors of formal training. The Fletcher Music Club Lifetime Free Lessons is the industry leader in recreational music making instruction.
Recreational music making:
It's NOT about inspiring extraordinary music making.
It's about inspiring extraordinary living.
It's NOT about exceptional performance.
It's about exceptional support and personal experience.
It's NOT about teaching people to play.
It's about giving people permission to play.
Its best facilitators are NOT just talented musicians.
They are caring, compassionate, and intuitive guides.

Personal Benefits
Heightens creativity enhances self-expression. Promotes interpersonal bonding and support Encourages meaningful communication Reduces the impact of stress Enables each person to discover their musical spirit

Group Philosophy
A caring and compassionate approach.
A focus on your personal strengths. Emphasis on achieving success without the challenges of a sharp learning curve. A commitment to keeping technology in the background where it enables creativity. A focus on playing beautiful music from the start. They are caring, compassionate, and intuitive guides.


The link between playing a musical instrument and stress impact is supported by three published experimental investigations by Dr. Barry Bittman that utilized specific RMM protocols as effective bio-behavioral modulators.
Fletcher Music Centers has a long and rich history of teaching people to play music. Founded in 1905 as a piano tuning company, it quickly discovered that music was something everyone wanted in their homes as evidenced by the era’s boom in sales of player pianos.
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