Cary-1-1024x731Fletcher Music Centers has a long and rich history of teaching people to play music. Founded in 1905 as a piano tuning company, it quickly discovered that music was something everyone wanted in their homes as evidenced by the era’s boom in sales of player pianos. As the company grew, it was able to focus on the concept of recreational music-making – the idea that everyone can enjoy making music without having to be formally trained.

The concept of recreational music-making was the genesis of what is known today as Lowrey Magic – using the advancements in technology to make playing music fun and achievable by all. Having been associated with the Lowrey Company since 1956, Fletcher Music Centers is one of the country’s oldest Lowrey dealers. Through the use of innovative products and programs that Lowrey has designed we have taught thousands to play…we can teach you too!

Both-3-1024x650Now with 20 locations throughout Florida and Arizona, Fletcher Music Centers is the largest Lowrey dealer in the world. We owe our continued success to the same principles that our founder Edgar Fletcher, built his company on; teach people to play music for their personal enjoyment and then service them long after the sale is made. Only then will you have earned the privilege of having them as a customer.